Certification Workshop

This program is to certify Consultants to deliver and implement the you-curve program.

Participants will learn the concepts of the you-curve methodology as well as how to coach leaders and administer the program. Certification is obtained by completing the 4 sections listed below:

  1. Participants attend the 3 you-curve learning modules to learn the basic you-curve concepts and methodology
  2. A dedicated session is held to prepare participants on facilitating the material
  3. A coach the coach session is conducted along with how to use the administrative functions of the you-curve on line tool
  4. Finally, participants facilitate the 3 you-curve learning modules with support from our experts

All sections of the workshop are conducted via webinar and conference call to facilitate ease of implementation within a participant’s organization.

Details of each section are described below.

Section Topics Covered Description
  • Learning Module 1 – The Change Curve
  • Learning Module 2 – Personal Styles
  • Group webinar to learn the you-curve concepts and methodology


  • Learning Module 3 – Bringing the Two Together
  • Facilitating the Learning Modules
  • Group webinar to learn the you-curve concepts and methodology
  • Discuss logistics and facilitation techniques


  • Web site admin
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Individual session
  • To learn how to provide oversight of web users
  • Role play 1:1 coaching scenarios participants will face with users


  • Supported Facilitation of Learning Modules
  • Co-facilitate you-curve learning modules 1 – 3 with participants in your organization
  • Access to 3 free on line tool licenses for a 3 month period


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