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Helping you and your team to successfully implement change in your organization is our primary concern.

David and Brian have succeeded in overcoming the and pitfalls and seeing the benefits that occur during the implementation of major change initiatives in many organizations throughout their combined 50+ years of senior management experience.

The you-curve model was developed using our experiences and proven best practices. We understand why change works and have incorporated the best of the best practices when developing the you-curve program. you-curve will greatly enhance your success in implementing change in your organization.


Brian Brennan

Brian Brennan is a high performance business coach. His focus is to assist business leaders to achieve the results that they desire.

With over 25 years of business experience, he understands the challenges facing leaders, their organizations and the people in organizations today.

He has extensive experience with change leadership in a spectrum of roles. He has successfully led change initiatives as well as served on teams driving significant change to organizations.

Brian is a seasoned facilitator and highly recognized public speaker. 

He specializes in the development of leadership teams and individuals, focusing on initiatives that take personal and organizational performance to higher levels.

David Soock

David Soock is a Change Management professional with over 25 years of experience helping organizations, people and their leaders be more successful. His great breadth of experience covers many sectors including financial services, retail, manufacturing, insurance, professional services, logistics, industrial, and high tech. He has helped organizations of various sizes including Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Foresters Insurance, National Express, Cipher Pharmaceuticals and Office Max among many others.

He has led major projects that have involved re-aligning processes to new business strategies, change management for enterprise software implementation and transforming organization culture. He has acted as a facilitator, coach, and mentor to business leaders and their teams to develop solutions that are practical and effective.

His down-to-earth and pragmatic approach to what is usually deemed the “softer side of business” ensures a results orientation combined with an ability to connect with people and the issues that affect them. David has a unique ability to boil down complex issues, connect critical factors, and articulate it all in a way that brings clarity and focus for all levels of an organization.