Step 3: Coaching

1 to 1 Coaching on How to Use and Interpret you-curve Information

Our exclusive change management tool enables you to implement change effectively and efficiently by producing an on demand “Coaching Report” for each combination of personality type and stage of the curve that you are working with. For example if you determine that Pat is a “Red” type of personality and is at the “Jumping In” stage you will enter your choices in the online tool and a “Coaching Report” will be produced for you immediately.

The report provides valuable information about what the person is likely to be experiencing and how they perceive their environment at that particular stage of change. In addition, we provide tips for coaching that you can use immediately to help move him along the curve more efficiently.

Everyone needs some help from time to time so we offer our expertise to assist you work through scenarios or interpretations of all of the information. Each annual subscription includes 8 hours of expert coaching on the content and use of the you-curve tool.

Together we explore questions that you may have about stages of the change initiative and anticipated interactions with your team member.


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