About Us

The you-curve program addresses the needs of leaders who are navigating their team through a major change. We developed a new and unique approach that - for the first time - brings together two critical concepts – the stage of change and personality type of the team members. 

The Process of Change 

When faced with the possibility of a major change individuals experience six critical stages in the process of adapting and succeeding with change. The six stages are - Initial Optimism, Jumping In, The Long Slide, Rock bottom, Climbing Up and finally Success!

These stages are based on the well established scientific research conducted by of Elizabeth Kubler Ross.

People have very unique needs at each stage of the process. As leaders it is critical to guide your team members through these stages so they don't get "stuck" and can progress quickly through to Success.  

Each Person has Individual Needs

We are all shaped by our previous experiences and by who we naturally are - a combination of "nurture" and "nature". Identifying the needs of each individual is a key skill for any leader. Every person has a natural "style" or tendency. These traits can be described in many ways. The you-curve program provides a simple but effective way to identify individual styles and needs using a four "colour" system - red, yellow, green and blue.  Being able to adapt to the needs of each your team members is what separates good from great leaders.

1 + 1 = 100!

Connecting with people at an individual level will maximize their performance. Recognizing and dealing with the stages of change increases your chance for success. Bringing these two together exponentially increases your ability to deliver change successfully in your organization. The you-curve program makes this easy! It indentifies individualized coaching opportunities that you can use to deliver the desired results of your initiative.