Program Overview

Our program is designed to enhance leader capabilities, provide help on the job when it is needed and embed the skills to make them sustainable. Components include:

  • “Personality Types” workshop
  • Customized “Change Curve” workshop
  • Access to the customized on-line you-curve web app
  • Individual coaching on the job, when it is needed


Customized for Your Needs

Your team is unique. We will create the right, customized solution for you.

Get Started

This embeds the foundations of you-curve for your leaders and includes:

  • “Personality Type” workshop
  • “Change Curve” workshop
  • Web App set up, access and training

From here you can build the level of support that is right for each of your leaders

Personalized Coaching

The level of post-training coaching support each leader needs depends on their level of expertise and the size of their team. We have three levels of coaching support to choose from:

  • Level 1 – up to 8 hours
  • Level 2 – 9 to 16 hours
  • Level 3 – 17 to 24 hours

All coaching is per person and is available over a 12-month period.

Additional Support

  • Additional workshops can be created to address topics in more depth or breadth as required.
  • Extra time for individual or group coaching sessions are available.

Contact us to create a solution the fits your needs.

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