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Personality Types

This workshop explores the basic principles of personality types including the primary characteristics that a person will exhibit when faced with various situations, as well as how different personality types interact with each other.

Knowledge gained at this workshop equips you to understand and appreciate how a change is perceived by different people and how this impacts the journey of change they experience.

The Stages of Change

This workshop builds on the knowledge gained in the “Personality Types” workshop.

We explore the six stages in the you-curve change cycle:

  1. Initial Optimism
  2. Jumping In
  3. The Long Slide
  4. Rock Bottom
  5. The Climb Up
  6. Success

Each stage of the change journey is explored in the context of what each person feels, sees and hears/says.

Bringing it All Together

We combine the knowledge of personality types with the stages of the you-curve. This application provides a powerful image to help you visualize where you are in a very tangible way and anticipate some of the challenges that you are likely to encounter.

You can explore scenarios with personality types and their relative positions on the curve to find the combination that best describes your situation.

You will emerge from the workshop with a strong capability to navigate yourself and others through the change journey more efficiently. You will have a better chance of avoiding pitfalls that typically undermine the pace and effectiveness of any change.

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