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The you-curve programs and tools address the needs of people who are navigating through major change whether in their personal lives or at work. We developed a new and unique approach that – for the first time – brings together two critical concepts – the stages of change and personality style of an individual.

The Process of Change

When faced with a major change people experience six stages in the process of adapting to, and succeeding with, that change. The six stages are – Initial Optimism, Jumping In, The Long Slide, Rock bottom, Climbing Up and finally Success!

People have very unique needs at each stage of the process. It is critical everyone gets the support they need to navigate these stages so they don’t get “stuck” and can progress quickly through to Success.

Your Personal Style

We are all unique and share some things in common. At you-curve we use a simple but effective way to describe a person’s preferences, motivations and needs. We use four “home base” styles or colours. Using these gives us an understanding of who we are at our core and how we react to different situations.

This helps us get the support we need as we make changes in our lives.

Take Control of the Curve

The you-curve program is a unique combination of personal styles tools and the stages of change process: